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6 tips to help professionally position your psychedelic brand

Profile picture Rimbout Bobeldijk.
Founder Rimbo Designs
Rimbout Bobeldijk
18 June 2024
6 min

Positioning your psychedelic brand professionally is crucial in an industry marked by stigma, taboos, and restrictive laws. In this article, you'll learn how to navigate these challenges by understanding your audience, maintaining a clear and grounded message, standing out from the crowd, investing in professional design, and emphasizing ethical practices. These strategies will help you create a brand that is both respected and trusted, paving the way for success in the psychedelic space.

Let’s be honest—working with psychedelics isn’t easy. Altered states of consciousness are significant, and the stigma, taboo, and restrictive laws around them make professional positioning crucial. Understanding how to navigate your brand in the digital space will help you reach your goals more smoothly and quickly.

Lets dive in. 

#1 Keep Your Audience in Mind: They Might Be New to Psychedelics

I recommend auditing how familiar your audience is with psychedelics, as optimizing your communication through the right lens will make you a lot more effective. 

Imagine someone entirely new to the use of psychedelics for self-discovery and healing. Understanding their perspective and potential concerns is crucial. Tailor your message to be accessible and informative for those who are just starting their journey.

#2 Avoid Overemphasis on Spirituality

To be perceived professionally as a psychedelic brand, try not to lean too heavily into the spiritual aspect.

While spirituality is certainly a part of psychedelics, consider those who are unfamiliar with your brand. In this situation, it’s better to keep things grounded with a clear message that leans more towards research and facts than the spiritual. It’s not about discouraging a spiritual look and feel but about ensuring your message is relatable. Stepping out of your perception and into your audience’s perspective can help make your brand more accessible.

#3 Clarify Your Intentions: Make Your Message Clear

The better you understand your brand internally, the better you will be able to communicate it externally.

Diving deep into your purpose, mission, and vision strengthens your brand’s messaging, making it more authentic and powerful. Most organizations in the psychedelic space have strong missions centered on healing and personal growth. Psychedelics can unlock profound insights and foster self-discovery. Tap into the power of your mission and communicate it clearly.

#4 Break the Trend: Do Something New and Stand Out

Blending into the same style as other brands in the psychedelic space will make it hard to stand out; you won’t be memorable.

While there are many trends in the psychedelic space, standing out is key. Look for ways to differentiate your brand. Be creative and bold in your approach, and don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo. This will not only attract attention it will make you memorable and assist you in building a loyal following.

#5 Professional Design Equals Professional Perception

How a brand is perceived heavily leans on the quality of its visual identity.

In the psychedelics space, you will have to swim against the current of stigmas and taboos. If you want to be taken seriously in a space that can feel like the wild west, investing in professional design can significantly impact how your brand is perceived. This includes everything from your logo and website to your packaging and marketing materials. Ensure your design is clean, modern, and reflective of your brand’s ethos. High-quality visuals and a cohesive design language build trust and convey professionalism.

#6 Emphasize Ethical Practices

Ethics play a crucial role in the psychedelic industry. You’re working with altered states of consciousness that can heavily impact people’s lives. Ensuring your business practices are transparent and ethical will not only build trust; it will also set you apart as a responsible and professional brand.

There are different ways to show your dedication to ethics. It starts by providing accurate information about your products and services and prioritizing the well-being of your customers.

When I helped Sandra Dreisbach, a psychedelic ethics expert, there was an extra incentive for transparency and accountability. We created a specific accountability page to give people a space where they can leave feedback anonymously. Sandra responds to this feedback and makes the document available on her site.

Follow these tips and you’ll thrive in the psychedelic space

All the best on your journey 🙏

Profile picture Rimbout Bobeldijk.
Founder Rimbo Designs

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