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Kusala & Anapana

I had the privilege of partnering with Kusala to launch their innovative E-commerce venture, Anapana. Anapana's mission revolves around empowering individuals through the practice of breathwork, embodied in their signature product – the Anapana Breath Work Necklace.

Breathing is a fundamental aspect of our lives, yet its impact often goes unnoticed. Stress-induced shallow breaths trigger the 'fight or flight' response, leading to increased cortisol levels, blood pressure, and heart rate. The good news is that elongating exhales can swiftly reverse this state. Anapana harnessed this scientific insight to engineer a tool that facilitates regular access to extended exhales, fostering healthier breathing habits.

Product shots of people using the Anapana breathwork necklace.

Project Overview:

In this project, I played a key role in UI/UX design, development and facilitating a seamless flow of information to optimize for conversion.

Our journey began with the creation of a minimal viable product (MVP) to gauge market interest. Through meticulous A/B testing, we discovered that positioning the product as a tool for smoking and vaping cessation yielded the highest conversion rate.

Upon validating the product's viability, our focus shifted towards elevating the website's professionalism. To showcase the product effectively, I coordinated a high-quality photoshoot. Our A/B testing also highlighted the effectiveness of a featured section, prompting us to secure features from various news channels and incorporate their logo’s onto the site. Furthermore, soliciting testimonials from initial buyers enriched the site's social proof.

Although Shopify was new terrain for me, dedicated research led me to embrace Pagefly, an exceptional page builder within the Shopify ecosystem. While customization posed challenges, Pagefly's ability to integrate custom code was well-optimized. Making me able to overcome most hurdles. Once I had familiarized myself with the capabilities of Shopify/Pagefly, I was ready to bring the brand to the next level.

Simple brand guide of Anapana. Showing Logo, color an type

Development of the Brand: 
The essence of Anapana, encapsulated in the very act of breathwork, formed the foundation of the brand's visual identity. The goal was to evoke a sense of freshness and connectedness, echoing the transformative power of deep, mindful breaths.

Color Palette: The colors were meticulously chosen to mirror the concept of breath. Light shades of blue and natural green became the base, symbolizing calmness and vitality. These hues naturally evolved into complementary darker tones, maintaining a harmonious color spectrum.

Typography: In the realm of fonts, the objective was to reflect naturalness and approachability. After considering multiple options, the decision converged on the Recoleta font for titles, emanating a friendly warmth, and Akkurat for the body font, delivering clean clarity and a smooth reading experience.

Logo Creation: The logo crafting journey followed a text-focused approach, favoring simplicity and clarity over an icon. The selected typeface beautifully embodies a blend of luxury and freshness, evoking a sense of sophistication while maintaining a vibrant and rejuvenating feel.

Visual Elements: Professional photos from a dedicated shoot formed the cornerstone of visual storytelling. Complemented by custom illustrations and icons, they thoughtfully amplify the clarity of the narrative.

Consistency: The drive for coherence fostered a pattern-centric philosophy. Content gracefully flows from right to left with fullscreen images, fostering a harmonious rhythm. Whitespace and proportion were artfully harnessed, ensuring that cohesion remained at the heart of the design.

UX Design: Vibrant buttons, contrasting in color, seamlessly ushered users into action. As they engage, a persistent sticky button offers effortless navigation to the product section. The product color selection synced harmoniously with the image gallery, fostering a more immersive interaction. When “Add to card” is pressed, a friendly pop-up slides in form the right making cart managed a breeze while strategically showcasing compelling prompts for successful upsells.

Time to scale $
With the online store in its new fresh, optimized design, our strategy for scaling led us to swiftly expand into multiple countries. Bringing Anapana from one single country to an impressive network of six. Achieving a remarkable €100K monthly revenue within just three months.


This project served as an enriching exploration into the realm of E-commerce. Shopify emerged as a versatile tool that I look forward to utilizing in future endeavors. 

Anapana’s youth marks the onset of a promising journey. Collaborating with the dedicated team at Kusala was a delight, and I eagerly anticipate more collaborative ventures in the future.

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Absolutely thrilled with our experience working with Rimbo Designs. Our e-commerce store has never looked better and the results speak for themselves – we're seeing real-world conversions like never before. Highly recommend for anyone looking to take their online business to the next level!

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Marko Bosnjak
Co-Founders Anapana

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