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This is a project and cliënt from Meraqi and Glenn van Roggen and was directly commissioned by him.

The purpose of this page is to showcase the skills and knowledge I acquired during my training and development under his guidance.

Team Lineup

Project management > Meraqi

Creative Direction > Meraqi
Lead Design > Meraqi
Lead Development > Meraqi

Designer > Rimbo Design 

Development > Rimbo Designs

It was a great pleasure to help assist Meraqi on a project for MushroomTao.

This forward-thinking organization advocates for the benefits of psilocybin in enhancing mental well-being and fostering personal growth.

MushroomTao's diverse products and support for practitioners are transforming how we approach mental health from home.

My Contributions

1. E-mail lead capture
2. Improved accessibility through a LiveChat  
3. Blog redesign for enhanced user experience
4. SEO improvements to improve ranking

E-mail lead capture  

In collaboration with Meraqi, MushroomTao crafted a comprehensive 101-psilocybin E-book, aiming to enrich our lead generation efforts and cultivate a robust mailing list. My contribution spanned the creative and technical realms, focusing on the design and implementation of an announcement bar, engaging pop-up interactions, and an efficient lead capture section.

We initially opted for Webflow’s native Logic feature to manage the automation. However, we ran into some problems as publishing to the staging environment broke the logic functions. Which made the staging environment obsolete. To overcome this, we shifted to Zapier, effectively linking the site's lead capture with a Airtable mailing list.

Screen shot of new leadcapture announcementbar, pop-up, and leadcapture section.

Improved accessibility through a LiveChat

We integrated LiveChat functionality into the website, providing visitors with the immediate ability to engage in real-time conversations. This feature allows users to pose direct questions and receive instant responses, enriching their browsing experience with personalized interaction and support.

Screenshot of the LiveChat integration

Blog Redesign for Enhanced User Experience

As the blog expanded in articles it became more and more difficult to navigate.  The lack of filters or search capabilities made it difficult for readers to find specific content. To address this, we introduced tags for category-based filtering and a search function, enabling users to effortlessly locate articles of interest. 

We also refined our presentation, shifting from dense text to a cleaner format showcasing only titles and tags. This shift, coupled with a new two-column grid layout, enables quicker browsing. This redesign not only improves navigation but also prepares the blog to seamlessly expand to over a 100 articles, ensuring sustained user accessibility. blog overview page before and after

The blog detail page underwent a redesign, achieving a more polished and refined look while integrating innovative features. Notably, a share menu now elegantly slides out from the right as readers dive into an article, and a scroll indicator visually shows how far they've progressed through the content.

In addition, we significantly optimized the CMS. The previous system, characterized by its multiple content sections and divider images, has been restructured for efficiency; now, all content is seamlessly managed through a single rich text element. This streamlining makes the CMS more intuitive and user-friendly for the content team, enhancing their workflow and productivity.

SEO improvements to improve ranking

We implemented several enhancements to improve SEO performance. To align with Google's preference for concise content, we introduced a summary section at the beginning of articles. Additionally, we integrated Schema Markup to aid Google in more accurately interpreting the content.

An extensive site health audit conducted via Ahrefs identified numerous errors. With diligent effort, we improved the site's health score dramatically, elevating it from 25 to a perfect 100. These changes resulted in doubling the amount of keyword the site ranks for without any new content (from 159 to 294 organic keywords).

Ahref site audit stats . Before and After.

We also made an in-depth new post checklist to support the content team in ensuring that every article is 100% SEO optimized. And ready to rank in Google.


Our focused initiatives to enhance website functionality, optimize content management, and improved SEO have collectively elevated the user experience, streamlined internal processes, and boosted the site's visibility on Google. These strategic improvements not only reflect our commitment to quality and efficiency but also set a solid foundation for sustained growth and digital excellence.

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Amazing agency. Did everything I wished for and more. Would totally recommend working with Rimbout.

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