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StatusQuo & MushroomTao

I had the privilege of collaborating with StatusQuo on a project for MushroomTao, an organization dedicated to promoting the benefits of psilocybin for mental health and personal growth. MushroomTao offers a range of products that enable you to experience these benefits in the comfort of your own home or during a private retreat in Costa Rica.


MushroomTao wanted to improve its online visibility and provide valuable content to its readers, so I developed a custom CMS in the form of a blog to help them achieve their goals. While staying true to their established style, I introduced some new elements such as a smooth intro animation for the blog pages and features like a 'back to blog overview' button and a 'back to top' button that faded in as the user scrolled down the page.

To ensure the blog's SEO optimization, I converted all images to WebP format, the smallest file format for images, to ensure fast loading speed. I also ensured that all titles had the correct tags (H1, H2) and that files were named correctly. Additionally, I made sure that the title tag and meta description were editable within the CMS.

To optimize the design for different devices, I ensured the blog was responsive to multiple screen sizes, including tablets and mobile phones.

To ensure the best user experience for MushroomTao, I designed the structure of the CMS as efficiently as possible. I added helpful notes and included a video guide explaining how everything works. This enables them to create SEO-optimized content when adding new blog posts.

preview of blog overviewpage + CMS guide video


Overall, I'm proud of the blog I developed for MushroomTao and its positive impact on their online presence. It was a pleasure to collaborate with such a dedicated organization and help them share their message with the world.


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Glenn van Roggen
Founder StatusQuo

Amazing agency. Did everything I wished for and more. Would totally recommend working with Rimbout.

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