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UI/UX design,
Madeleine van Hemert

A world where people rediscover their inner strength through creativity and mindfulness

Madeleine guides you to find more joy and inner peace by integrating these principles into your life through the various workshops she offers. One of her favorite techniques to teach is ZenTangle, as it perfectly melds creativity with mindfulness.

Working with Madeleine on her personal brand was a very enjoyable experience. Her creative work sparked my own creativity, and she trusted my experience, giving me a lot of freedom in the design process.

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The Discovery Phase

Madeleine is passionate about many things, so we began by prioritizing her ideas. While Taoism and Qi Gong also have a place on her site, her ZenTangle Workshop truly stands out. These workshops result in many small art pieces, called tangles, which were a great source of inspiration. I aimed to embody the playful and joyful energy of these tangles in the design, as they can turn out very beautiful.

Establishing a Visual Identity

Inspired by the handmade nature of tangles, I decided to create some titles by hand. This resulted in a unique style with a lot of character and personality. I also designed the logo in a similar handmade style to maintain consistency. For the rest of the typography, we kept it simple by using just one font, "Neutratext." It's a natural sans-serif font that is easy to read.

For the color palette, I chose a dark green turquoise, a light but vibrant orange, and a mystical deep purple. Combined, they form a playful yet mature energy. To enhance these colors, the background is set to a soft paper beige.

I placed the images of the tangles inside circular masks created with brush strokes. This approach helped avoid the squareness of the images and seamlessly blended them into the creative feel I wanted to project.

Style guide for Zen met Madleine

Webflow Development

I strictly followed the Client-First framework, an industry standard for Webflow development. This structured approach simplifies global changes and promotes intuitive post-launch management, making it accessible for all levels of expertise.

During development, I brought the designs to life by incorporating animations and micro-interactions. I also experimented with page load animations, enhancing the user experience and making navigating the site more engaging.

Folder to Promote the Workshops

With the site established, I collaborated with Madeleine to develop a plan for promoting her workshops. Given that it’s a local business, we decided to design an attractive folder to distribute throughout the city. This folder features a clear QR code, inviting people to visit the website and learn more about the workshops.

Image of folder designed to promote Zen tangle workshop


Thanks to Madeleine's trust, I was able to smoothly navigate the project and establish a cohesive visual identity and website, all within a small budget. Our efforts helped legitimize Madeleine's business and significantly increase attendance at her workshops.

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Rimbout created a refreshing and creative website that perfectly fits my company. His effective branding workshops gave me a lot of clarity in how I want to position myself. I truly enjoy collaborating and exchanging ideas with him!

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Madeleine van Hemert
Founder Zen met Madeleine

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Founder Rimbo Designs

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